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w/ Pikes, Ace Hashimoto, MONJOE, Kamome Sano, Taishi Sato


CD 予約受付中

Tower Records

2024.04.28 同人音楽即売会 M3 先行頒布

2024.04.28 To be released on bandcamp


Single - Star Runner Feat. Pikes



REGZA × ぷにぷに電機

Star Runner  Official Music Video with Dolby Digital 5.1ch

超重力幻想: Project

An imaginary collection of character songs fusing SF, gaming, and electronic music!


存在意義を失った英雄ランナーの軌跡をギャラクシーな高速OutRunサウンドで表現したリード曲「Star Runner」をはじめとして、情報を駆使して権力をも操作する天才ハッカーを綴った「Maze Maker」、二つの顔を持つ孤独なスナイパーを歌った「Lonely Shooter」、ミステリアスな三つ子のサイキッカーの喪失と再生を描いた「The Veils」など、宇宙の果てで運命に抗う者たち物語を、辺境の惑星・地球のミュージシャンたちがエレクトロニックミュージックで奏でる。

独自のシンセグルーヴを持ち代表曲「Power Ranger」で知られる北欧スウェーデンのマルチアーティストPikes、日本文化を愛しTyler, The CreatorやAnderson .Paakなど大物とのコラボやプロデュースで知られるシカゴ出身のラッパー/プロデューサーAce Hashimoto、DATSとしての活動のほかNumber_iへの楽曲提供やRolling Stone誌「Future of Music」にも選出されたMONJOE、m-floの公式リミックスをはじめbeatmania IIDXや電音部など音ゲーやキャラソンの楽曲提供を数多く手がけるKamome Sano、ODD Foot WorksへのプロデュースやZattaとしての活動の傍らソロでも注目を浴びているTaishi Satoなど、国内外の多才なアーティストが集結! カバーアートはCGデジタルアーティストとして様々なゲームやガンプラパッケージなどでも知られる上田暁、デザインは漫画の装丁やアニメのロゴなどを多数手がけるimagejack團夢見が担当する。


punipunidenki's latest conceptual EP, "HYPERGRAVITY VISIONS” is themed around a fictional SF game set in the late stages of a space war. It features the lead track "Star Runner", which portrays the journey of a hero runner who has lost their purpose, encapsulated in a galactic high-speed OutRun vibe. Additionally, the EP includes "Maze Maker", about a genius hacker who manipulates power through information; "Lonely Shooter", depicting a lonely sniper with a dual identity; and "The Veils", drawing the loss and rebirth of mysterious triplet psychics. These tales of individuals defying fate at the edge of the universe are brought to life by musicians from the remote planet Earth through electronic music!

The EP boasts a lineup of talented artists from around the globe, including the Scandinavian multi-artist Pikes, known for his unique synth grooves and the hit "Power Ranger"; Ace Hashimoto, a Chicago-born rapper/producer who loves Japanese culture and is known for collaborations and productions with big names like Tyler, The Creator and Anderson .Paak; MONJOE, recognized in Rolling Stone's "Future of Music" and known for his work with DATS and contributions to Number_i; Kamome Sano, who has extensively provided music for rhythm games and character songs, including official remixes for m-flo and tracks for beatmania IIDX and Den-On-Bu; and Taishi Sato, garnering attention for his solo work while producing for ODD Foot Works and performing as Zatta. The cover art is created by Satoshi Ueda, a CG digital artist known for his work on various game and Gunpla packages, with design by Yumi Dan of imagejack, who has handled many manga cover and anime logo designs.

Experience the unique fusion of science fiction, game culture, and electronic music in "HYPERGRAVITY VISIONS," as envisioned by punipunidenki.

Comment from punipunidenki
スウェーデンで「Star Runner」の制作をはじめて約一年、やっとこの原点にして新境地かつ壮大な世界観を具現化することができました。私の愛するSFオタクカルチャーに、これまで音楽を通して出会ったさまざまな才能あるアーティストを巻き込んで完成させた作品群です。マニアックなテーマにもかかわらず、みなさんゴールをまっすぐに捉えて一緒に駆け抜けてくれました。この場を借りて改めてお礼申し上げます。この渾身EPの衝撃と感動を皆さんと共有できる瞬間を、今から心待ちにしています!

"It took about a year to start producing 'Star Runner' in Sweden, but we have finally managed to materialize this grand universe that marks both a return to origins and a new frontier. This collection of works was completed by involving various talented artists I've met through music, all sharing a love for SF otaku culture. Despite the niche theme, everyone focused on the goal and sprinted together. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude once again. I eagerly await the moment when we can share the shock and emotion of this earnest EP with all of you!"

1. Star Runner
Lyrics & Music : punipunidenki, Pikes / Arrangement : Pikes

2. Maze Maker 
Lyrics : punipunidenki, Ace Hashimoto / Music : punipunidenki, MONJOE, Ace Hashimoto / Arrangement : MONJOE

3. Lonely Shooter
Lyrics & Music : punipunidenki / Arrangement : Kamome Sano

4. The Veils 
Lyrics & Music : punipunidenki / Arrangement : Taishi Sato

超重力幻想: テキスト



Ace Hashimoto


Kamome Sano

Taishi Sato


Shintaro Sato

cover art

Satoshi Ueda


Dan Yumi (imagejack)

Label : Tsubame Production

Publishing : Sony Music Publishing (Japan)

CD Distribution : Tower Records

Digital Distribution : ADA Japan (Warner Music Group)

超重力幻想: テキスト

1.  Star Runner

Lyrics : punipunidenki, Pikes

Music : punipunidenki, Pikes

Arrangement : Pikes






Starlight - taking me over

My shell will turn to gold 

So bright - leaving my body 

The deeper that I go

I’m never going back 

I don’t wanna stay in this plain

I’m never to return again






Starlight - taking me over

My shell will turn to gold 

So bright - leaving my body 

The deeper that I go

I’m never going back 

I don’t wanna stay in this plain

I’m never to return again

超重力幻想: テキスト
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