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80KIDZ、Kan Sano、Mikeneko Homeless、Shin Sakiura、PARKGOLF、Yohji Igarashiなど豪華アーティストが多数参加した楽曲群を初CD化。CRAFTROCK BREWINGとのコラボレーションクラフトビール「Night Session IPA」のテーマソングにして80KIDZとの最新コラボシングル"Night Session"を含む全10曲を収録。





released June 29, 2022All Musics & Lyrics by Punipunidenki1.Sound produced, mixed by Mikeneko HomelessGuitar by Shin Sakiura2.Sound produced by PARKGOLFMixed by yasu2000 (big turtle STUDIOS)3.Sound produced, mixed by 80KIDZ4.Sound produced, mixed by Mikeneko Homeless5.Sound produced, mixed by Mikeneko Homeless6.Sound produced, mixed by Yohji Igarashi8.Sound produced, mixed by 80KIDZ9.Sound produced, mixed & all instruments by Shin Sakiura10.Sound produced by Kan SanoKeyboards, programming & all other instruments by Kan SanoMixed by Masato Fujishiro (big turtle STUDIOS)Kan Sano appears by the courtesy of origami PRODUCTIONSMastered by yasu2000 at big turtle STUDIOSArt by Hoshiki AraDesigned by Yusuke Shibata (soda design)A&R : Ryohei Kikuchi (PARK/TURBO TOWN)


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